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Nordic Park

The analysis was prepared for the Office building "Nordic Park" that incorporates a conventional car park. The building was designed by the Design Studio SPAK in 1997 and erected over the years 1998 – 2000 in Warsaw in Kruczkowskiego St.

The office rooms inside the building with total area of 7,113.5 m2 are located at floors from +3 to +7 whereas a conventional car park with spiral and steep driveways and 216 parking places is located below. The car park occupies 6,326.1 m2 of usable area on four floors. In addition, on the ground floor the designers managed to find rooms for commercial purpose with total area of 636 m2.

The performed simulation of the AUTOPARK system in that office building has revealed that a substantial deal of usable area and cubic capacity can be retrieved for commercial use (offices and shops) with simultaneous growth of parking capacity up to 245 parking places (increase by 29 vehicles).

Conventional car park AUTOPARK® Increased by ... Efficieny
Number of parking places 216
245 29 113,4
Cubic capacity of the car park [m3] 25 090 11 706 -13 384 53,4
Commerical area (offices + shops)
7 113,5 + 636 7 113,5 + 2700 2 064424
(refers to availability of the area for shops)