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Automatic car parks of the AUTOPARK system guarantee several aspect of safety:

a) general safety
  • Drivers are absolutely safe as permanent and trustworthy security in the areas of entrance and exit gates and within the closest vicinity thereof can be easily maintained by relevant staff. On the contrary, in conventional car parks such a security is only illusory, despite how much staff is employed.
  • Drivers who entrust their cars to the AUTOPARK system can ever leave the car keys in the ignition and car windows unwound. The vehicle is transported in absolute safe manner - relevant sensors and security system prevent from collision with other vehicles or structural components of the system. The only point where vehicles come into contact with the AUTOPARK components and mechanisms are the vehicle wheels.

b) fire protection

Fire protection within the AUTOPARK system conforms to regulations of the Polish Standard PN-M-51540/1997 “Fire protection – Sprinkler equipment – Rules for designing, installation commissioning and maintenance” that imposes the obligation to install equipment for automatic fire detection and extinguishing. The AUTOPARK car park is an automatic object thus it is not classified in accordance with the regulations related to human safety. General safety of the object is even increased due to the fact that the vehicles are stored with killed engines and have their ignition de-energized. Potential fire-fighting action on the object of that type in nearly impossible with use of conventional methods due to the lack of staircases and passages for cars. Therefore the automatic fire-extinguishing systems are the only possible solutions.