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In comparison to conventional multi-storey car parks, the AUTOPARK system is capable to fit even as many as twice more vehicles inside the same cubic capacity of a building, both for ground-elevated and underground solutions. Hence, saving on cubic capacity reaches up to 56% (approximate figures).

Major advantages of the AUTOPARK system include:
  • computer-controlled and fully automatic operation – participation of a human operator is reduced to supervision of the system and periodical maintenance of the equipment,
  • uncomplicated adaptability to specific local conditions, installation is possible even for existing buildings (the car park can be located below the internal courtyard, playground, square, etc),
  • no risk of damages to car bodies during manoeuvres in car park driveways and elimination of manual traffic control when vehicles arrive or leave conventional car parks – the vehicles are received and dispensed automatically,
  • convenience of the parking procedure: drivers dock into the entrance /exit gate frontally and vehicles are dispensed with their bonnets heading for the driving direction.
  • Time saving
    Automatic car parks AUTOPARK are user-friendly appliances. A driver delivers its vehicle to the reception gate and after having received the confirmation signal from the system he drives the car onto the transportation palette. Then he leaves its vehicle and pushes the start button to initialize the automatized parking process, while the process itself begins from the vehicle identification. After leaving the entrance gate by the car driver the gate closes and the driver is no more involved in handling the vehicle. Moreover, he is at the ground level nearby the main entrance to the master building so he wastes no time for getting back from the parking place.
    AUTOPARK eliminates burdensome and time-consuming driving there and back down narrow and steep driveways and inclines and for to find a free parking place. Similarly, when a driver wants to get his car back he just raises his claim for service, pays for car storage and enters the exit gate after having his car delivered there. There is no more a need to look for the vehicle in the car park, no fear whether the vehicle had been damaged or stolen. The average time that is needed to receive the car back never exceeds 2 minutes. When to compare the respective total time that includes walking to a conventional car park, finding the necessary vehicle, manoeuvring and driving to the exit as well as queuing at the check out, the overall time consumption is as much as twice more and reaches 4 minutes in average.
  • Reduction of exhaust gas emission that is produced during manoeuvres and driving round the car park - the ecological aspect cannot be underestimated. The AUTOPARK system needs only a small amount of air for ventilation.
  • Lower costs of the car park operation - very low level of „stand-by” illumination is required, neither security guards must be employed (access to the vehicles in impossible for anyone - no car burglaries or larceny crimes) nor additional staff for cleaning (areas of dirt accumulation are limited to the entrance and exit gates that must be keep tidy and clean).
  • The car park equipment can be dismounted and reinstalled at another location.
  • Erection expenditures for the structural framework are substantially less than in case of conventional multi-storey car parks - there is no need to construct floors, inclines, lifts or staircases for people, install illumination and ventilation systems. In case of ground-elevated car parks the steel framework is sufficient to act as the support structure for outer walls and the roof.
  • Configuration and functionalities of the AUTOPARK equipment can be customized in accordance to the Client’s needs.
  • Some selected levels can be assigned to store higher vehicles, e.g. vans.