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Operation principle

Automatic car parks AUTOPARK are user-friendly appliances, in spite of the parking technology applied. The handled vehicles are carried on palettes in order to protect the cars parked on lower stories against splashes and falling dirt. A driver delivers its vehicle to the external gate of the entrance driveway or to the two-way gate (entrance /exit) (position 1) and after having received the confirmation signal from the system he drives the car onto the transportation palette and leaves the car (position 2). Then, by pushing the start button, he initializes the automatized parking process. The process itself begins from identification of the vehicle, which serves as the basis for further returning the car back to the owner and for administration purposes (storage log, charging system). The entrance gate closes after leaving it by the car driver (position 3). Generally, the system gate is located on the ground floor of the building, nearby the main entrance lounge.

The AUTOPARK system eliminates the need to drive vehicles down narrow and steep driveways to find a free parking place with simultaneous breathing exhaust gases. The only thing the diver has to do is to buy a ticket, insert a magnetic card into a charging system slot or leave a fingerprint on a special reader pad.

The handled cars, after having been left by drivers, are carried from the entrance gate to the stacking platform.

Stacker is the appliance for „stacking” vehicles on steel frames of parking stands. In fact, it is a self-propelling lift (travelling track � along the car park central line) with a platform for vertical lifting and rotation functionality (to return a vehicle with its bonnet heading for the exit gate. If necessary, stacker movements, i.e. travelling and lifting /lowering can be carried out simultaneously. After arrival of the stacker with a platform picked up to its destined location the platform holder moves the platform with /without a vehicle to the desired parking stand, whereas the stand is assigned automatically by the supervising software and then the stacker is ready to execute a subsequent operation, i.e. to receive or dispense another vehicle.

To receive the vehicle, a driver has to initiate the dispense operation in order to have the vehicle delivered to an exit gate (or the entrance /exit gate). After completion of the transport operations the gate opens and the driver gets his vehicle back. There is no need to search for the car in the car park or to be worried about potential damage or larceny.