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TheFirm for Innovative Restructuring of Municipal Architecture CHrzanowski - was established in 1996 as a family partnership. The company was set up by the father - the outstanding executive of civil engineering who was the manager of such great building sites and Nowa Huta, Turoszów and Bełchatów - and his son - a famous director and actor, author of a number of performances in theatres and the TV theatre, such as Great Man, Othello, Holy Experiment, War and Peace and Caligula.

FIRMACH is starving to solve one of the most important traffic problems of contemporary towns, namely the problem of parking places and garages for vehicles.

FIRMACH , owing to day-by-day collaboration with researchers and scientists form the Technical University of Warsaw, Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Science and Institute for Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining (IMBiGS) is able to solve most of difficult problems by development of individual solutions supported by gathered experience and granted patents.