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The AUTOPARK®is our response to the lack of parking places in towns, which is a direct result of technical progress and growth of automotive industry. Nowadays we possess sufficient knowledge and technology to solve that problem, the more so because we can take advantage of experience and observations gathered by constructors of mechanical car parks in western countries. All the above makes it possible to offer you the idea of AUTOPARK - the product of top quality and domestic provenience.

Revolutionary idea of the AUTOPARK system consists in its flexibility that enables its application as a parking system at virtually whichever location. In order to eliminate the most frequent drawbacks of traditional car park systems the AUTOPARK represents a solution of an automatic car park, which if equally friendly to users and investors (municipalities). The system is fully automatic so as the only thing that a car driver has to do is to leave the vehicle in the interface gate. Then the electromechanical system takes over further handling the vehicle, i.e. receives the vehicle from the gate and puts in on a steel structure that is designed so as to save much more parking space than in case of conventional parking systems that have been used so far.

All those who are interested and concerned are kindly invited to see operation of the prototype version of the AUTOPARK system. Demonstration of the system is possible after preliminary appointment (tel. +48 602 734 724) he premises of the Institute for Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining, 6/8 Racjonalizacji St., Warsaw.